Our 7 core offers

With our 7 core offers, we provide a global transformational approach to our customers’ key business challenges.

At Devoteam, we deliver Innovative Technology Consulting for Business, with a unique Transformation DNA.

Transformation Management: safe and effective program realisation, that onboards employees & changes the organisations.

3 core offers, for optimal IT delivery: agility, quality and security at the best cost.

  • Agile IT Platform: laying the IT foundations for supporting Business’s need for speed & agility
  • Digital Workplace: laying the foundations for working in a more collaborative & performant way, both individually & collectively
  • Cyber Security: Building trust in theses foundations by guaranteeing their security & compliance

3 offers for Best-in-Class digital business: competitiveness and effectiveness.

  • Data as a Service: Powering business decisions with data
  • Business Process Excellence: optimizing & automating business process
  • Customer Experience: designing great & personalized user experience



How we do it

We do it in a different way: our know-how to succeed your transformation.

We deliver innovative technology consulting for business. This means being present next to our customers wherever technology drives changes.

  • In IT departments, but also within Business teams facing technological challenges
  • Next or within our customer’s teams, meeting local needs or committing to multi countries engagements
  • Providing technology expertise, complemented by our ability to define & run transformation programs and on selected topics to go all the way to implement cloud based solutions.
Digital @scale
+50% of our activity is digital-centric, from networks to applications
Agility & proximity
+90% of our activity is delivered next to our customers. CIO focussed, with the ability & ambition to drive transformation at scale
Cloud enablement
+25% of our activity takes our customers on their cloud journey